Custom Stencils

Custom-cut stencils for signage

We can create a range of personalised stencils Рfully customised to your needs. Depending on the size and complexity of your design, we can choose from a range of rigid materials such as PVC, polypropylene, or ACM to create your custom stencil. You can provide your own artwork or we can assist in designing it with you. Once designed, your stencil is either CNC router-cut or laser-cut depending on the material and level of detail required. 

Creating your Custom Stencil

We can work with you to create your completely customised stencil.

  1. Get in touch for a free quote or estimate tell us: the size, quantity, application, and what you want on your stencil.
  2. We can design your personalised artwork or you can provide vector artwork.
  3. Your stencil is router-cut or laser-cut from PVC, polypropylene, ACM or other material.
  4. We ship your stencil to you anywhere in Australia.

Range of materials

Popular choices for stencils include:

  • 0.8mm polypropylene
  • 1.4mm polypropylene
  • 2mm PVC
  • 3mm PVC
  • 3mm ACM

These are rigid substrates that can be router-cut or laser-cut as required.

Sizes can range from small stencils up to 2 metres or more.

Personalised Logo Stencil
Custom Parking Stencil
Customised Danger Warning Stencil

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