Large Format Stickers

Large format vinyl including wall murals, window vinyl, floor stickers, car stickers, and more.

We can design and print a wide variety of large-format adhesive vinyl options. We can do custom sizes, shapes and quantities. Most vinyls can be supplied in any size up to 1300x5000mm. All of our large format vinyl printing is printed in Australia, can be produced quickly, and shipped Australia-wide. For customers in southeast Queensland, we can arrange professional installation. If you’d like to request a quote or place an order, please complete our quote request form below.

This page provides some examples of types of vinyl used for sticking onto walls, windows, over existing signs, floors, and other surfaces. For information about smaller stickers, refer to our sticker and label printing page. For non-adhesive wide format printing options, refer to our Wide Format Printing page.

Short term vinyl - window vinyl - Coming Soon

Standard vinyl

  • Monomeric vinyl for indoor or short term outdoor displays
  • We have a standard adhesive and a low-tack adhesive option that can be removed without leaving residue
  • Can be laminated with monomeric gloss or matt laminate for a nice finish
  • For short to medium-term displays
Premium vinyl on window - circle logo on glass

Premium Vinyl

  • Polymeric vinyl suitable for long-term outdoor signage
  • Suitable for window vinyl displays
  • High-tack adhesive option available
  • Can be laminated with polymeric gloss or matt laminate
Clear vinyl reverse printed

Clear Vinyl

  • Polymeric clear vinyl printed with CMYK (colour) ink and white ink
  • We can reverse print for “front adhesive stickers” to be stuck to inside of glass to be viewed outside
  • For some applications, you may require optically clear (or ultra-clear) vinyl
Perforated Vinyl / one-way vision

Perforated Vinyl

  • Perforated vinyl or one-way window film has small holes (perforations) evenly distributed throughout its surface
  • Clearly displays image from the outside, while allowing you to look out from inside
  • Can be laminated with monomeric gloss or matt laminate
Wall vinyl - cow mural covering wall

Wall Vinyl

  • Low-tack wall vinyl for indoor walls
  • Suitable for self-installation
  • Great for wall murals, feature walls, instructional stickers or displays
  • Choice of low-tack monomeric vinyl, or WALLTEX reusable wall vinyl
  • Can be removed without leaving residue on walls
Cut frosted vinyl on doors

Specialty Vinyl

Specialty vinyl options include:

  • Frosted vinyl (can be printed and cut)
  • Electrostatic self-cling film (no adhesive) – clear or white
  • Reflective vinyl films (to reflect light – useful for safety signs at night)
  • Indoor floor vinyl with anti-slip laminate
  • Whiteboard laminate is available to turn your sticker into a whiteboard surface
  • Die-cut vinyl lettering transfers also available

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