Retail Printing

Retail Printing, Merchandising, Point of Sale (POS) Displays

We can provide a range of retail printing, merchandising and point-of-sale display options including wobblers, header cards, shelf talkers,  standees and signs.

POS Displays

We have a variety of point-of-sale (POS) display options: 

  • Standees – Self-standing cut-out displays with struts glued to the rear are perfect for short-term POS displays. They can be custom-cut to any shape. Standees can be made from corflute, corrugated cardboard, foamboard or other materials.
  • Pull Up Banners – a range of pull-up banner options available, including extra-wide 2400mm displays.
  • Media Walls – Professional media walls suitable for events and POS promotional backdrops.
  • Vinyl Banners – Vinyl banners for indoor or outdoor use available at virtually any size.
  • Flags / Windflags – We have a range of flags and windflags available for indoor and outdoor use.

Shelf Talkers & Wobblers

  • Shelf Talkers (or Barkers) – We can print a range of marketing options that attach to the shelf and is designed to draw the consumer’s attention to a particular product or offer. Options range from simple printed artboard and scored for easy folding for display, to fully customised cut-out displays. 

  • Wobblers – Similar to shelf-talkers, wobblers are designed to draw attention to particular products or offers. Generally printed on thin paper/card and cut to shape, allowing the item to wobble once attached to the shelf. 

Header Cards & Posters

  • Header cards (sizes up to 1200x2400mm) – can be printed on 400gsm artboard, corflute, PVC, foamboard or other substrates. Refer to Wide Format Printing page for full list of materials.
  • Hanging posters – single or double-sided 400gsm Arboard.
  • Wall posters – We can provide a range of poster options of various sizes and stocks to suit your needs. Refer to Poster Printing page for details.


Wall, Window & Floor Vinyl

  • Wall Graphics – Variety of wall vinyl options including low-tac short term vinyl (easy for self-install and can be removed without damaging paint) to high-tac laminated permanent wall graphics (professional installation recommended). 
  • Window Graphics – We can provide printed window vinyl for temporary or long term window displays. We can print vinyl to go on the outside of the window, or clear “reverse-printed” vinyl to go on the inside of the window (visible from outside). We can also provide custom-cut graphics that are installed with transfer paper, or ultra-clear vinyl adhesive prints. 
  • Floor Graphics – Floor vinyl with special anti-slip laminate is available for retail floor displays.

Refer to Large Format Vinyl page for more details.


Retail Signage

Refer to our Signage page for options or visit our Portfolio for inspiration.


Shopping Centre Displays

We can provide a range of options for pop stalls and shopping centre displays.

  • Tablecloths – Custom printed tablecloth to brand your trestle table
  • Pull Up Banners – Range of pull-up banner sizes including 1400mm height for shopping centre
  • Media/Display Walls – Various size options for pop up media walls.

Refer to our Event Signage page for more options.

Shipping Boxes

  • Shipping boxes – Branded corrugated cardboard shipping boxes.
  • Mailer Boxes – custom printed mailer boxes – a variety of sizes and options available. 
  • Envelopes – branded envelopes available. Refer to our Stationery Printing page.

Refer to our Cardboard Printing page for more information.

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