Acrylic Signs & Lightboxes

Custom acrylic signs, acrylic prints, laser-cut acrylic, lightboxes

Acrylic (including Perspex) is a highly versatile signage option. Popular uses for acrylic include:

  • Acrylic reception signs
  • Acrylic wall prints
  • Lightbox panels
  • 3D custom-cut acrylic lettering and logos
  • Custom LED-lit 3D lettering and lightboxes

Acrylic is available in various colours including opal (white translucent) and clear. It is also available in various thicknesses to suit different applications.

We can assist with professional installation where required. Alternatively, we can supply signs and you can arrange your own installation. 

Acrylic Signs

We can print onto the front or back of an acrylic panel. For an extra-glossy finish, we can print on the reverse side of clear acrylic so that you see the design through the acrylic. These are popular as wall-mounted prints or reception signs. Available in various thicknesses including 3mm, 4.5mm and 10mm.


Custom cut acrylic

Custom-cut acrylic using CNC router cutter or laser cutter can be used to create a 3D logo or 3D lettering. Cut acrylic can be glued onto a sign panel such as ACM or lightbox, or glued directly onto a wall.

Lightbox Panels & Custom Acrylic LED Lightboxes

Opal acrylic (translucent white acrylic) is commonly used for lightboxes as it diffuses the light and provides translucency to light up your image. 

Acrylic can also be used to create 3D custom LED-lit lettering to really impress visitors with your business signage. 

Clear acrylic over ACM sign
Opal acrylic lightbox panel
CNC-cut Acrylic logo
Acrylic custom-cut continuous improvement board
3D custom-cut acrylic lightbox
3D custom-cut acrylic lightbox

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